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Skin Tag Removal Tips

Skin tags are said to be benign skin growth. Its scientific name is acrochordon. Skin tags can also be called cutaneous papilloma, fibro epithelial polyp, cutaneous tag, fibroma pendulum, fibroma molluscum and Templeton skin tag. You must not worry too much if you have skin tags because skin tags are actually harmless to your body. However, the color of skin tags is not good. Your skin can be brownish flesh-colored and dark-colored if you have skin tags. That is why you need to get rid of skin tags immediately.  Below is the list of the three most effective skin tag removal tips that you should try.

Skin Tags

1. Use oregano oil.

Oregano oil has powerful antibacterial properties because it has all types of phenolic terpenoids components. These phenolic terpenoids components are arvacrol, pcymene and thymol. Also, oregano oil has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antimelanomic, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Because of the characteristics of oregano oil, it has the capacity to quickly remove your skin tags. You just need to mix four to seven drops of coconut oil with two to four drops of oregano oil and apply the mixture on your skin. It is advisable to apply this mixture to your skin tags thrice a day for best results. The mixture will surely dry out your skin tags so that the skin tags will all fall down on their own.

2. Apply a dandelion stem juice in your skin tags.

The dandelion stem juice can actually solve a lot of skin issues aside from skin tags. You can make a dandelion stem juice just by extracting the juice in the stem through squeezing it. You will notice that a milky liquid will come out of the stem. You should apply this milky liquid directly to your skin tags. After applying, you need to cover your skin tags with a band-aid so that the juice will be kept in your skin for a longer period of time. You need to do this process four times a day so that the skin tags will be easily removed. Remember not to use the dandelion stem juice if you are allergic to marigolds, daisies, ragweed and other similar plants so that you can get rid of allergic reactions.

3. Put apple cider vinegar on your skin tags.

The components of the apple cider vinegar will help you to quickly destroy all the skin tag tissues. The first thing that you need to do is to prepare at least two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and soak cotton balls on it. Apply the cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar in your skin tags. It is necessary for you to squeeze the cotton ball while you are massaging your skin tags through it so that the skin tag will surely be saturated with vinegar. Doing this process three times a day will surely make the skin tag disappear quickly.

Indeed, skin tags are just very easy to handle and their is no need to get plastic surgery if you treat them.  You just need to follow the three most effective skin tag removal tips and you are good to go.  So try the three tips now and say goodbye to all of your skin tags!

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has numerous benefits and can help with many skin conditions if applied topically or taken internally.  We recommend making a drink with 1 tbsp coconut oil blended with 8 ounces of coffee to start your day.  This drink will enhance energy levels and also help improve the quality of your skin.  We recommend Flint & Steel Coffee because they provide the best single origin coffee that we have tried.